A Founding Father of Family Therapy
Don Jackson

Quotes from MFT Leaders:

"I miss Don.  Don had a quickness and a lightness in touch that is I think very important in handling problems of human behavior.  I think he might have thought that some of our antics this evening a little funny and to come up to this platform and lightened our procedures a little.  It would have been nice.  He was historically of course a very important person.  His original paper on family homeostasis was certainly one of the first, perhaps the first major statement about the family as a system."

Dr. Gregory Bateson
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"How did Don Jackson influence the field of family therapy? How did Watts influence the steam engine? He made it. Others have refined the steam engine into a better, more efficient machine. I'd say that is what Don did for family therapy, he established the discipline. Others have gone on to refine it."

Richard Fisch,
Founder & Director, Brief Therapy Center, MRI

"In my opinion, Don Jackson was the only man in the family movement, other than Bowen, who knew what theory was about. Put all these other people together and they were therapists, but they didn't know theory."

Murray Bowen,
Deceased. Pioneer of Family Theory and Therapy, and Founding Director of the Family Center, Georgetown University, and Founding President of the American Family Therapy Association.

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