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Strategic Family Therapy

The Strategic Family Therapy Center carries forward the work of Jay Haley, MRI's first Research Director, one of its founders and a pioneer in family therapy.

Haley called the therapy Strategic because "it is a therapy where the therapist initiates what happens during therapy, designs a specific approach for each person's presenting problem, and where the therapist takes responsibility for directly influencing people."

After leaving MRI, Haley collaborated for a number of years with Salvador Minuchin where they mutually influenced each other's thinking. Minuchin's structural family therapy is a part of Haley's strategic model.

He described the therapy in one of his many notable books-"Problem-Solving Therapy," which helps to describe the therapy. He encouraged live supervision, whereby beginning therapists learn the art and skill of this new way of doing therapy by practicing in front of a one-way mirror, supervised by a team that assists the trainees in how to be most effective at helping clients to solve problems. That tradition is carried on here at MRI.

The theory underlying Strategic therapy has been the basis for most of the significant evidence-based family therapies of today.

The Center was established at MRI in 2001 through the vision of Eileen Bobrow, M.A., MFT. The Center offers therapy to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. Therapy fees are affordable and based on ability to pay. Clinic hours are flexible.

The Strategic Family Therapy Center also provides training, consultation and live supervision to interns, licensed therapists and agencies interested in learning the model.

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Great Opportunity to Intern with the MRI!

Learn first hand knowledge and gain experience by interning at the Strategic Therapy Center. The Center offers therapy to individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents. Looking for interns who have an interest in mental health and enjoy working with people.

Applicants must speak Spanish.
Please contact the MRI Director at
Our direct phone line is (650) 321-3055.